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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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hundreds of children hospitalized with a rare breathing virus with doctors saying the illness is likely on its way to california. royal baby, part two. the palace confirms prince george will be a big brother but the announcement was not planned >> thank you for joining us on monday. another topic at work this morning is the weather. mike? >> sure hope so. good morning, everyone, as we look at the temperatures we are starting off cool in our bay neighborhood with 50 to nearly 60 and thin gray clouds and sunny at noon and 66 and 74 this afternoon and a cool 62 by 7:00, it will drop quickly when the sun goes down. mostly cloudy inland and 56, and extent by noon lacking no real heat and 68 at 7:00.
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not so much sunshine along the coast and well call it partly cloudy and low-to-mid 60's. sue has the morning commute. we starting off with a muni accident in the bayview district of san francisco affecting the light rail at 3rd and carol where we have a train versus a pedestrian and they have a bus bridge in place between sunnyvale and williams and i am not sure but we could have a shot of that so you have the intersection of 3rd and carol, bayview district blocked off because of the light rail rain and a pedestrian and you can see the light rain train stopped and a bus bridge is if place so expect delays in the bayview district until it is cleared. developing now, fish and wildlife are trying to capture the mountain lion which attacked a six-year old on a hiking trail in santa clara county. they are afraid the animal will
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attack again. nick is at the preserve. >> a young six-year-old is expected to survive. he is at valley medical center and could be released by today. officials say one of the reasons they are most interested in finding the animal is because the behavior has been completely unpredictable. they started the staging process this morning and the search will begin today at dawn. when the boy was attacked yesterday, officials closed the trails and all this happened at 1:00 o'clock p.m. two miles from the picchetti winery. this mountain lion territory but attacks considered rare. a spokesman for fish and wildlife said there are challenges to fining the lion. the animals do not do well in heat and the scent doesn't hold in the heat so we searched until
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dark and ultimately decided to bring the dogs back first thing in the morning so they starting at light. they will be working with full force at 20 deputies and park rangers and officials asking the president to avoid this area. two game wardens and one agent spent the night in the park at the site of the attack in the event the cat returns and they were ready to take it down. if you encounter a mountain lion try to keep yourself bigger than the lion, maintain eye contact and most of all, do not they will start the search at dawn and we will be here. >> a mystery virus is making a thousand kids sick and it is bound to spread to other states including california. officially, it looked like the common cold but it can become
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worse. amy hollyfield is in san francisco with more. public health officials are keeping an eye on this and there is concern this is going to be a nationwide outbreak. no cases of the mystery virus have been reported in california but doctors are worried it will be spreadly quickly because kids are back in school. children with asthma and kids under the age of five are most vulnerable starting off as the con cold can children have trouble breathing and they are in the hospital. a patient and his family are speaking out in the hopes of helping others recognize the virus. >> my heart starting hurting after my lungs starting closing up. >> blue lips. he just passed out. he had his eyes rollback in his head and i had to call 9-1-1. >> some kids have helped up in intensive care unit this virus
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is not usually fail. keep sick kids home from school. and wash your hands. this is another british royal baby on the way prince william and his wife are speaking their second child. this tweet was sent out before 2:30 saying and i quote, "the duke and up dids are pleased to announce the duchess is expecting their second child and the announcement was made because show had to cancel a planned appearance at oxford because of acute morning sickness as with her first pregnancy and is being treated by doctors. the palace confirms the duchess is not 12 weeks pregnant so prince george will have a brother or sister if all goes
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well in the spring of 2015. >> back in the bay area people at a homeless catch are credited forgetting a six-year old boy back to his family a day after he wandered away from the san jose home. sergio zepeda's mother said her son disappeared at 9:00 saturday morning wearing only a diaper most likely by figuring how to use the automatic garage door. sergio zepeda walked out in the street over communication hill and ended up at the homeless camp two miles away. people in the camp cared for the boy until police got there and authorities took sergio zepeda, who cannot communicate verbally, to the hospital as a precaution. new details on the san francisco building destroyed in a fire last week. crews made progress in demolishing the building, a fire gutted the big house on mission at 22nd on thursday and work continues through the weekend. the block remains closed to
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traffic but for muni and no word on when it respects. >> san francisco fire department is relying more and more on private glances to cover the city. on august 30, there were so many emergency calls coming into dispatch that private plans were called to cover the city. the union representing firefighters say the problem is getting worse and the union says this are hundreds of instances where it took more than 20 minutes for glance do arrive after being called. the standard city is ten minutes. one instance it took 2 hours. remember that patients were being treated at seen but it was tran port this was delayed. >> biggest trash hauler is launching a drive to hang on to the garbage contract for the city of oakland paying people to
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gather signatures on the streets of oakland after the ten year $1 billion contract was awarded to california waste solution a company that has never had a trash hauling contract. waste management filed a lawsuit. two surveillance video have been releases in hope someone will recognize a petaluma theft suspect. this man stole a refrigeration unit from petaluma market on western avenue last week. he is white man in his 50's with tattoos on both arms and last soon putting the unit in a basket mounted to the back of his bicycle. if you know this man, petaluma police want to hear from you. commute wise in the city there is a problem with san francisco, muni and light rail. we have reports of a pedestrian hit and service could be affected. >> that is right. at 3rd and carol in san francisco, we are trying to get a look at that and we will just
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tell you there is a bus bridge in place between sunnyvale and williams and this involves the light rail line and a pedestrian at 3rd and carol taking place in the bayview district and the bus bridge is in place. otherwise most of use any is on time and well look at the golden gate bridge where we have no delays into san francisco. and mike has a look at visibility we are doing well with the dry air keeping visibility unlimited but half moon bay at seven. our cloud layers are only 2,500 feet why it will go away so quickly. over san jose, 280 and 17 it is cloudy and with the clouds to the south we are holding to 60 in sunnyvale and cupertino and
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campbell and 61 in santa teresa and 58 in san jose and los altos hills and all of us in the mid-to-upper 50's until the 50 in cupertino. not so much sunshine along the coast and 63 degrees cooler-than-average in oakland at 70, and walnut creek at 84, and a warmer spot is antioch, at 85. texas candidate for governor is getting nationwide attention makes a very personal revelation with wendy davis opening up of terminating not one but two pregnancies an exclusive on abc7 news. >> disturbing new video of ravens football star ray rice beating his significant other. >> we send you to break looking at the eastern span of the bay
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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welcome back, we are looking at a live shot of the muni light rail line at 3rd and carol in tran where muni has hit a pedestrian and you can see an ambulance on the scene. the intersection is blocked off at 3rd and carol and they have a bus bridge in place between sunnyvale and williams happening on muni light rail in bayview and we will follow it throughout the morning. the founder of chick delay -- of chick-fil-a has died, truet cathy was 93. he had a nationwide change of 1,800 restaurants and several are in the bay area. it is then for closing on sunday to allow a dave rest. he was the most wealthy americans worth a for tune, $6
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billion. >> video shows baltimore ravens running back punching his then fiance. this video could be hard to watch. we have edited the most disturbing parts and it was obtained by tmz walking interest an elevator first and when the door closes he pudges her in he- punches her in the face and dragged her out of the elevator and taken o the critics is called the nfl of taking a weak stand on domestic violence. >> another nab -- nba owner is losing his franchise after an e-mail he sent in 1212. he admits it contained
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inappropriate and offensive comments like "my theory is the black crowd scared away whites and the kiss camera is too black," after a racist rant by donald sterling banned for life from the nba. he spoke out on the scandal. >> i speak for all partners to say we are deeply office depend asked spoke -- offended and spoke out. >> he has provided to hawks appeal and fans and the nba commissioner called this entirely unacceptable but praised him for stepping down. texas gubernatorial democratic candidate wendy davis who delayed the tough new restrictions on abortions say she terminated two pregnancies in the 1990's saying they considered revealing the contaminated pregnancies during the thin hour filibuster on the
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floor of the texas senate. today she sat down with robin roberts on "good morning america" to discuss the first pregnancy. >> pregnancy had implanted itself in a tube which is of course not a pregnancy that is sustained. >> texas law means that has to be termed "abortion"? >> now is texas law characterization. for me it was a tremendous loss of a much wanted pregnancy. >> you can see more of the interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. now the weather forecast. mike? >> we will talk about the cloud cover. >> light. >> very light. very thin. it will go away quickly. even with the center sunshine it will be a lot like yesterday and we are in a bowl of cool air and you can see it being pushed in by the 25 miles per hour wind
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around fairfield with 14 miles per hour wind in napa and inelse is -- everyone else is less than ten miles per hour. walnut creek southbound on 680 into the san ramon valley it is cloudy. temperatures today are going to be cooler-than-average although we have dry air on top of us and super moon tonight and it will be cool with temperatures in the low 50's in the north bay valley and money 50's for the rest of us and a warming trend in the afternoon throughout the seven-day outlook. today the warmest is morgan hill and gilroy mid-to-upper 80's and los gatos 88 and san jose at 78 and sunshine in santa cruz and comfortable 72 degrees and let 70's on the peninsula to 68 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's loan the coast and daly city is 64 and that will political into downtown at 66 and south san francisco and sauce let at 67 and dropping down to 64 by the time you are northbound into
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bodega and mid-70's to upper 70's with petaluma with a breeze shooting through the valley will keep you cooler than everyone else and napa is warm. richmond is 69 and 70 in oak and home 70's with young city and fremont at 74 for a warm spot and low-to-mid 80's inland today which is cooler-than-average. you can see the cloud cover taking over all of our neighbors and 52 in santa rosa and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50's possibly a 60 and they will be the exception. norbert is not tropical but it is post tropical norbert and that means it is becoming more like any other area low-to-upper as the cold and warm air cretes the energy needed to bring rain but notice where the rain and thunderstorms are, southern california, all the way up to lake tahoe and the heaviest rain is in the northwest corner of arizona and southern new zealand around las -- southern
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flash flooding. 80's an the bay on wednesday and 70's on thursday and we will have warmer-than-average weather through the weekend. sue? >> we go back to the muni issue in san francisco in the bayview district involving the light rail line at 3rd and carol there was a pedestrian accident where the train actually hit the pedestrian with no word open how the pedestrian is doing at this point but the train is stopped and blocking the intersection. for muni, they have a bus bridge in place between we sunnyvale and williams and the intersection of 3rd and and ace train one from the central valley was an hour delay from stockton and they have now left and are back on track but, still, delays ace train three left on time this morning at 5:35 and 7 looks to be leaving
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>> it may come as in surprise that children and young adults love digital video but data finds it is increasingly popular with older americans. people 50 to 84 watch an average of 19 minute as day of vegetable individual -- of video up from 11 minutes during the same period of last year. the.up if online viewing comes as adults in that age cut back the time in front of television. scientists have develop add device that could save lives during disasters by tracking heart beats of people. they were asked to develop the technology after hurricane sandy and the earthquake in haiti a
6:25 am
few years ago. the scientists have a finder that uses radar to detect people below 30 feet of debris, or 100' in open space. it only costs $10,000. finder is affordable for most city budgets. manufacturing begins afternoon. >> elite athletes have their routines and they do not like their warm ups messed up and marching bands stick to their routines. this came to a head yesterday with panthers kicker crossing paths with the marching band in tampa and the band was on the field while he was trying to practice the field goal kicking and wish we could show it but had to push the trillion don't had to push the trillion don't player -- the
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>> arnold schwarzenegger is coming back to the state capital. >> new video shows a frightening scene at yosemite with hikers ever rack waited by helicopter when the fire is too close. >> a search about to begin to find a mountain lion that attacked a six-year-old boy. i will have the latest from cupertino and the search. sfo shows an hour and 23 minutes in delays and we will talk about how quickly the cloud deck will leave us and how long the cool temperatures will hang around. we have a major muni problem in the bay vow -- district with a pedestrian.
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there is a bus bridge if you are there is a bus bridge if you are in the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy monday it is now 6:29 and a look at embarcadero in san francisco looking across the bay and you can see the light layer of clouds and meteorologist mike nicco is saying more sunshine. not a bad way to start the week. more on meteorologist mike nicco from how we are starting the work week. >> we start with live doppler hd who we have the thin marine layer deck of clouds and it is not doing much to inminutes our visibility, we are unlimited. 7 miles per hour at half moon bay, so there is no fog but around 1,600 or,700 feet and you can see holes developing as we look from the roof camera and the winds are blowing out ashore. we are in the 50's this morning and it will be mostly sunny by noon with clouds hanging on at the coast and great the mid-60's to mid-70's an the bay and 70 to 82 inland and look how cool it
6:31 am
will be this evening mid-to-upper sick. we have a muni issue in the bay point area of san francisco trains and light rail and bus bridges in play and ace train one was over an hour late this morning and ace train three was off on time and expect delays. the golden gate bridge shows no problems coming into san francisco from marin county but an accident just reported west 580 in livermore near the scales a car and a delivery truck got into it and you can see very slow traffic from the central valley. more now on the muni accident you have been talking about in san francisco. investigators are looking for clues at scene, the pedestrian mit have been using a walker. paramedics have rushed that person to a trauma center. there is no word on the severity
6:32 am
of injuries. police are trying to figure would had the right-of-way the san francisco bayview district. the delay is happening right now for commuters on the light rain lane along the 3rd street corridor. >> a serious warning from fish and wildlife officials. a mountain lion that malled a six-year old boy may attack again and knick is in cupertino where a search for the mountain lion will underway. >> we are waiting for dawn at 6:45 and there are a couple of things we have learn. this is not an exact science. it can be difficult to locate the lion. two, we have helped that heat can be a factor. this is what we saw, crews staging. the team is trying to get together and start seven as --
6:33 am
start the search. this happened around 1:00 o'clock people yesterday two miles from the picchetti winery. this is mountain line territory but the attack of this kind is considered "rare." the spokesman with the fish and wildlife say there are challenges to fining a lion. >> the line lion attacked the child in an aggressive manner. the probability of attacking again is pretty high. we want to do our best to remove this animal from the wield so it does not hurt anyone else. >> more than 20 deputies and park range wees and officials with fish and wildlife are asking the public to avoid the area. two game wardens and an agent with the usda spent night in the pack at the site of the attack in hopes the cat might return. they were ready to take it down if it did. we understand they will use
6:34 am
hours this morning to actually try to track the scent but it is not an exact science. they hope they. have some success in finding that animal. they are asking anyone who may come in contact with the mountain lion to maintain try contact, and most importantly do not run. in cupertino for abc7 news. prince george is going to be a big brother. written william and kate are expecting the second child kate has severe morning sickness and had to miss an event and the duchess is treated at the palace. he is in the only six to eight weeks along but the royal baby is not expected to arrive until spring but book makers have named the favorite names as henry and elizabeth and victoria. the royal baby will be 4th in line pushing prince william's brother, prescription harry
6:35 am
county further down the line. >> at yosemite dozens of hikers were rescued from a fire burning in the park. the fire explodeed yesterday fueled by high winds and temperatures. hikers were air lifted from the rock formation and hiking trails and hill corks and air tankers and hot shot crews have been battling the fire in the back country. it now stamps at 700 acres. several trails are closed and roads into yosemite. open. >> firefighters are getting the upper hand on the bridge fire burning continue miles outside yosemite and evacuation orders for 700 homes and businesses have been lifted and the 300 acre fire is burning ten miles east of highway 49 at 70 percent contained. victims of the napa valley earthquake have a resource to help in recovery. the city and county are opening
6:36 am
an assistant center on the corner of 1st treat. the center will provideness on building permits, financial assistance, food assistance, mental health and other community resource programs. doors open at 1:00 o'clock p.m. and napa has launch add new website to help in recovery efforts. airbnb is participating with san francisco to spend to emergencies working with the department of emergency management to identify hosts willing to help displaced people and emergency, withers when needed. they will use their technology to notify hosts and guests of hazardous incidents. arnold schwarzenegger will be at state capital for the unveiling of-his portrait. he has returned to acting and he has made few political appearans since leaving the office and will be joined by governor brown for the unveiling of the
6:37 am
portrait that will be hung in portrait that will be hung in the building on the 3rd thing of the electric trains that will replace 75 percent of the country fleet that rates teen san francisco and san jose. this is the first of several community meeting held at the san carlos caltrain station and runs from 8:00 to 11 o'clock. a second presentation is scheduled for 6:00 tonight. a rare virus hits ten states and hundreds of children are hospitalized. why the illness will probably spread nationwide. >> 49ers take on cowboys and the stadium will be filled with the stadium will be filled with 49ers this
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back at 6:40 tracking thunderstorms headed to lake tahoe but they have fallen apart with brief and heavy rain is possible. our best threat of showers and storms with heavy rain is in the area in green with the high debt either through 5:00 tomorrow
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morning. we are looking at cloud cover and thunderstorms from fresno at and thunderstorms from fresno at 96 and lake tahoe with stray shower possible. it will stay mostly to the south. safe travels. sue? >> my understanding is there wa a pedestrian hit early this morning and now a bus bridge is set up and we have video, you can see the train with a person with injuries and c.h.p. is on the scene and san francisco police department and the ambulance and fire. that intersection continues to be blocked with bus bridge in place. thank you, sue, forget the never ending possible, how about the never ending pasta
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we have break news involving power outage near fremont and newark. it was reported early this morning with 4,000 people experiencing no power but no idea on the problem. >> rare virus is hitting hundreds of children that has hit ten states and will likely make it to california. amy hollyfield? >> yes, public health officials including right here in ran are watching this very carefully because this is concern this will become a nationwide outiraqi and more than a thousand children across continue states have come down with the mystery respiratory virus but in reports of minute
6:46 am
in california with it. children with asthma and those under the age of five are most vulnerable. >> this is not for respiratory viruses but this particular virus is rare. they rarely see this virus and it has been very dangerous. >> the good news is the virus is not usually fail. it starts off like a cold and progresses quickly sending kids to the hospital because they cannot breathe. it is the weeksing to lack for to stop the spread of the virus, kick sick kids home from school. the 49ers on the road for week one of the nfl season against the cowboys and it did not seem like they were away from levi stadium. listen to the roaring of the
6:47 am
cloud. touchdown! >> you could hear the roar as kaepernick scrambled to toss the touchdown pass to veteran davis. it is speculated that many cowboy season ticket hold ares did not want to pass up the 241 percent markup on the secondary mark yet. cowboys starting off looking mediocre can they gone 8-8 for three straight seasons losing yesterday 28-17. now on wall street, the dow is down 22 points to 17114. get ready for all you can eat pasta for $100 you can eat all the pasta, salad and bread and
6:48 am
soda you can consume for seven weeks at 12:00 noon our time today the contain will sell 1,000 of these passes an annual promotion that leds you eat all the pasta you want on one visit for $9.99 and doggy bags are allowed. if you know someone running in a can bypass. >> that is right. a good republican to eat a lot of pasta. >> starting today, we will be the new home of "rachel," and the chef visited on friday the chef visited on friday handing out >> today, how to get food for free and cutting your grocery bill in half. >> the daytime lineup starts today and "would wants to be a millionaire," started at 1:00
6:49 am
o'clock p.m. and "cent "jeopardy," and then "general hospital," at 2, a new time, and then "rachel ray." now the weather forecast. >> she likes pets. >> she did. >> especially pit bulls. because she has one. or two. at least one. >> one hour and 23 meant flight -- 23 minute flight arrival delays into san francisco international airport. 25 miles per hour in fairfield so we have a nice see breeze in fairfield. calm right now at the golden gate bridge compared to yesterday at 20 to 25 and we could get up to around 20 this afternoon. notice the clouds are above the
6:50 am
deck. ing in to worry about there. in san jose at 280 and 17 you can see the cloud deck is there. a thin layer of clouds shows a lot of dry air in the atmosphere and because of that we will be seeing the sunshine but the air is too much, too much cool air to warm up significantly and have moon tonight and you can see it will be cool like this morning and a warming trend is coming starting tomorrow with 90 away the corner the as far as today look at the cloud cover, 10:00 or electric -- 11 o'clock it fades. we will be partly cloudy. 60's, 70's and 80's and the 90's are not here yet. 72 and sunshine at santa cruz and from 75 in sunnyvale to 80 in los gatos and 68 in milbrae is things exception and low-to-mid 70 for the peninsula and mid-60's along the coast and sunset and daly city at 64 and
6:51 am
66 downtown and south san francisco at 67 and mid-60's loan the north bay coast with more cloud cover than yesterday and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley with napa the warm spot at 78 and most of the east bay shoreline and richmond and berkeley is short at 69 and we will have home upper 80's inland valleys. tonight is cool again and look at 52 at santa rosa and 53 at napa and 55 in vallejo and half moon bay and morgan hill exit moon bay and morgan hill exit rest of us in the upper low-to-mid 80's on the way around the bay for the weekend and even 70 along the coast for a couple of days. have a good one. >> back to san francisco with the muni accident it was a light rail versus a pedestrian affect ing the kt line with a bus bridge society up. this is in the bayview district.
6:52 am
it is just off of third at carol and emergency crews are there. you cannot get through at the intersection. muni has a bus bridge. we had an ace train delay from the industrial valley an hour late. it and train three will arrive at the exact same time. in livermore, west 580 we had an early accident. that is cleared. the damage is done. traffic is backing to the area. southbound 101 is re-opened. it was road work in the lane. >> all morning it is abc7 news now with weather and traffic through the entire commercial break and we are back with seven break and we are back with seven things to know
6:53 am
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watch. dentist. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist. we can do the same for you. so don't put it off. call 1-800-dentist. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, seven things no know, a new barning from make-a-wish foundation, the mountain lion that attacked a six career old boy in cupertino will likely attack again. the search for the cat is getting underway at the reserve. the boy could get home from the hospital today. breaking news in san francisco, a muni light rail train hit a pedestrian in the bayview district. the victim could have been using a walker and was hit near 3rd.
6:55 am
that is number three, as well, the muni delay or a re-route at 3rd because of the accident, the pedestrian accident. there is a bus bridge if place between sunnyvale and williams and the shuttle. no delays in the bay view just a re-route. felt officials are warning of a severe respiratory illness that sickened thousands of children now only spanning continue states not including california. officials fear it could spread if steps are not take were like washing hands and keeping sick children home from school. >> dozens of hikers were rescued by helicopter from a fire burning in yosemite national park which has green to 700 acres. trails are closed near half dome. prince william and kate are expecting another child. the palace had to share the news
6:56 am
because kate has severe morning sickness. check out the cloud cover even inland southbound from walnut creek to the san ramon valley and we will see a quick reveal of sunshine because of bone dry air above the layer and 82 to 86 and coast and san francisco and a few more clouds than yesterday, 63 to 67 and around the bay, 69 to 78 headed into the south bay and the north bay. >> save money on air condition ing. >> we will be back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america." have a great day. check with your airlines in case there are delays with the air travel this morning.
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good morning, america. breaking right now. the second royal baby on the way. the sudden announcement from william and kate just hours ago. the new baby set to be fourth in line to the throne. kate suffering from extreme morning sickness again. we're live from london. also breaking, a sudden wildfire trapping hundreds of hikers inside yosemite national park. helicopters swooping in to rescue them from the top of half dome, as monsoon rains from tropical storm norbert create a flash flood emergency in the southwest. the mystery virus striking fast. sending more than 1,000 children to hospitals across the country. the illness putting kids under 5 at the greatest risk. doctors taking extreme measures to protect them. what you need to know right now.


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